farm fare

 baked goods                                                                          3.50/loaf


v roasted tomato herb with parmesan

v rosemary sun dried tomato blue cheese

 artisan loaves

v parmesan herbes de provence boule

v toasted onion dill rustic boule

eggs                                               (according to mood in the henhouse)

v free range chicken eggs         2.50/half dz.

v farm fresh duck eggs            3.00/half dz.      


Sweet and savory, our products are made with the freshest ingredients, as local as possible, organically-produced, and mostly, from our very own gardens.

pickles, chutneys, and relishes                                                        4.50/8 oz v 6.50/16 oz

v eggplant caponata v cranberry vanilla pear chutney v summer garden jardiniere v spicy thai pickle v apple sweet pepper relish v sweet pepper chow chow v jeweled red cabbage chow chow, and more...

jams, jellies, and preserves                                                                                       4.00/8oz

 v blue ribbon citrus cherry marmalade v peppered plum jam v plum pepper preserves v orange thyme jelly v morning cheer! scotch marmalade

 sweet and savory indulgences                                                                                5.00/8oz

 v cherry amaretto dessert sauce v strawberry black pepper balsamic glaze v orange thyme glaze v crimson honey grapefruit v honeyed orange slices v peach chipotle compote with amaretto v peach chipotle compote (for teetotalers

Taking Orders.....

Now taking orders for from maggie's farm holiday tamales.  Prepaid orders receive a 2$ per dozen discount! 

This year's tamale offerings:

  • red chile pork
  • green chile chicken
  • smoked brisket
  • and, vegetable, with black bean, mushroom, and creamed baby spinach.                    
    12.00/dozen  10.00/dozen, prepaid


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